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Nature Play Australia 2002

Transparent Window Scenes through the Year

Transparent Window Scenes through the Year

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Beautiful tissue-paper window scenes are a lovely way to bring colour and light into a home or into the  classroom.
The Transparent Window Scenes book has full instructions and templates for making a range of striking window transparencies that capture the mood of the seasons: yellow daffodils for spring, a red sailing boat
for summer, orange leaves in autumn, a blue sled for snowy winter.

Children will love seeing the transformation when colours are layered and the light falls through them.
The projects in this book will support both beginner and expert, teachers of parents in developing cutting
and layering skills, and sparking children’s imaginations.

Michaela Kronshage is an experienced Steiner-Waldorf kindergarten teacher working in Germany.
She has a passion for photography, documenting travels and life with children, and capturing ‘little things
at the edges of life’.

Sylvia Schwartz is an experienced Steiner-Waldorf class teacher in Germany, with particular expertise
in painting, glass painting and stonework
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