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13 Villages Project - 'Giving Back' 

We are proud to be part of a project contributing to the development of independent and self sustained communities.

The '13 Villages Project' is a campaign co-conducted by Under the Nile and its Farm in Egypt (Sekem). It takes place in 13 rural villages in Sharkeya, Egypt. Through vocational training and infrastructural development, the project is improving the health, skills and overall well being of the village inhabitants. We provide excellent health care as well as education on dental and over all physical health. We begin by educating the villagers on how to make our fruit and vegetable toys. Each village receives an advance for their work and the materials needed to produce that toy. Upon completion, we pick up the finished goods and pay them fair wages for their work.

We are very excited to see the end result. Happy, educated, and healthy human beings.

The Papoose Story

Less than ten years ago, there was no felt industry in Nepal, now there are many manufacturers making a living out of this craft work.
My own preference for hand crafted products keeps leading me back to professional craft producers.
Understanding the processes  involved helps to be creative in product development.
As with all our products, colour is of the utmost importance.

Knit For Life

Launched in September 2007, KNIT FOR LIFE is a community based, not-for-profit organisation which provides income generation and poverty relief to a community of over 200 rural women in the South-East of Zimbabwe, skilled in hand knitting of baby and children’s knitwear and knitted toys all in 100% local cotton for export to Australia and globally.

An Australian initiative to provide income to the Jesa co-operative of women and provide training in hand knitting, quality assurance and exporting to the Australian and New Zealand markets, and then globally.

KNIT FOR LIFE allows rural Zimbabwe women to earn an income whilst caring for their children and is actively seeking interested donors, partners, investors or sponsors to support the initiative and provide a greater development impact for this community!