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The Parent and Child Group Handbook - A Steiner Waldorf Approach

The Parent and Child Group Handbook - A Steiner Waldorf Approach

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* A comprehensive guide to setting up and running a parent and child group *

Based on Rudolf Steiner's unique, holistic approach to child development, combining physical, mental,

 emotional and spiritual aspects * Designed as an easy read for time-pressured parents with an overview

and summary of key points for each chapter * Will appeal to growing popular and professional interest in

this distinctive approach to early years education This inspiring resource guide draws on the author's wealth of

 experience in the field, and is illustrated with lively case studies from Steiner/Waldorf parent and child groups

around the UK. Written in 12 chapters, the handbook's contents include Steiner's theory of child development;

structuring a session; appropriate toys and activities; the shared meal; circle time; festivals; health, safety and

legal issues; marketing, publicity and fund-raising. Audience: Parenting; Early Years; Education; Child Health Author

Dot Male is a mother and trained kindergarten teacher. She runs Steiner Parent and Child Groups and organises courses

for parents and Parent and Child Group leaders. She lives in York. Endorsements 'This unique and much needed book gives

a convincing argument for the value of these groups, for both parent and child. Both inspiring and immensely practical, it

offers the group leader the insight and means to create a truly meaingful and appropriate experience within a parent and

child group setting.' ---- Lynne Oldfield, director, London Waldorf Early Childhood Training Course

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