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Nature Play Australia 2002

The Garden Adventures of Griswald the Gnome

The Garden Adventures of Griswald the Gnome

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Griswald is a little gnome who lives in a rain gutter.
One day, a storm washes him down the drainpipe into an old rain barrel. At first, Griswald is unsure about his new home, but soon he meets all the animals, birds and plants that live in the garden and has wonderful adventures with his new friends.

Through the seasons, Griswald explores a whole new world in the garden, gets into sticky situations, helps his new companions and even learns to dance!
This book is perfect for bedtime as each easy-to-read chapter tells a different story of Griswald's
adventures and is filled with beautiful illustrations of lively gnomes and sprites, plants and colourful flowers, and characterful animals and birds.
This delightful chapter storybook from internationally renowned author and illustrator Daniela Drescher is
the much-loved creator of In the Land of Fairies and the Little Fairy series, will enchant and entertain
children everywhere.

Author/ Illustrator Daniela Drescher

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