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Rudolf Steiner - His life and his work

Rudolf Steiner - His life and his work

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Rudlof Steiner - His life and his work, written by Gilbert Childs

The Austrian philosopher and writer Rudolf Steiner was one of the most original thinkers of the twentieth century.

His writings cover a wide range of subjects, and he made valuable and influential contributions in many fields,

including education, science, medicine, and social reform. The basis of his researches was the "science of the spirit"

he called anthroposophy. He maintained that material science could never comprehend the whole of nature as it excluded

the realm of the spirit. Bridging the physical and spiritual worlds, anthroposophy would show the way toward a true

understanding of humanity and its relation to the universe. This is a concise, illustrated introduction to Steiner's life and

work, describing how many of his ideas have been put into practice and are still giving inspiration and guidance to many

people all over the world.

Paperback / 112 pgs

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