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Nature Play Australia 2002

Pippi Memo Game

Pippi Memo Game

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Pippi Memo is a simple fun game of memory which combines learning skills with hand-eye coordination and agility.

Players must find two cards matching cards. All cards are placed face down on the table. Two cards are then selected and turned over so the pictures can be seen by all players. If the pictures are the same they make a pair and the player gets to keep them. They may then continue by turning two more cards over. If the pictures are not the same they are then put back where they came from and it is the next players turn to try to find a pair. When all the cards have been paired, the player with the highest number of cards wins.

With 32 brightly coloured memory cards-16 pairs, Pippi Longstocking is a perfect game for memory skills and a lovely way to enjoy parent interaction with your child while providing them with hours of fun. 

2-4 Players

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