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Genesis, Secrets of Creation

Genesis, Secrets of Creation

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Genesis - Secrets of Creation by Rudolf Steiner

How was the world created? Battle lines are currently drawn between two dogmatic camps:

the fundamentalist 'Creationists" who believe that creation took place in six days, and the

scientific reductionists who expound theories of 'big bangs' and so on. From a direct

spiritual perception of the facts, Rudolf Steiner presents a new perspective which transcends

these bipolar arguments. He affirms that clairvoyant research accords with the biblical

descriptions, but he emphasizes that the text of Genesis has  to be interpreted in a special way.

In this extraordinary document, Steiner speaks of the six days of creation as a reawakening of

the previous phases of the Earth's development. He describes the work of mighty spiritual

entities called the Elohim, and how they co-operated with other spiritual hierachies in the creation

of the Earth. He also clarifies the relationship of the Elohim and the biblical Jehovah.

In addition, Steiner discusses themes of light and darkness, the meaning of Adam and Eve, the

'day of rest' on the seventh day, the stages of human development on Earth, and the special character

of the Hebrew language

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