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Enchanted Birthday

Enchanted Birthday

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'Enchanted Birthday' is an inspiring book for parents who are looking for more creative ways to celebrate their children's birthdays. It presents a variety of ideas for providing simple yet magical birthdays for children aged up to around 10.

This beautifully illustrated work contains many practical ideas, stories, verses, activities, drawings, pictures, craft patterns, examples and suggestions, from which the adult can pick and choose or adapt to their own situation. The emphasis is on using natural materials and most of the ideas are inexpensive but lead to truly memorable birthday experiences.

The author and illustrator is Collette Leenman, she has a Bachelor of Arts degree and trained and worked as a Steiner kindergartener.

She has given numerous parenting related workshops and draws on her experiences with her own children. It was the popularity of her workshops on creating soulful children's birthdays which lead to the writing of this book.

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