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Nature Play Australia 2002

Balloon Ball

Balloon Ball

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These Balloon Balls are great for all ages, from crawling babies through to the elderly or

for those with special needs. 

In a variety of colour variations, you can have balloon ball fever all over your house,

or send one to a friend (they’re super cheap and simple to post!) or keep one at Grandmas house.

Keep one in the glove box, one in the handbag, one in the carry-all, and one in the kitchen drawer at home. 

A few packets of balloons in various spots, and you’ve got yourself (or your kids!) action packed fun

wherever you go.  

Want them to spend more time PLAYING and less time SITTING?  

Just blow up a balloon ball and get them having fun.  Whether it’s your baby crawling towards the ball,

or your teenager kicking it around with some mates, we’re not exaggerating when we tell you that

EVERYBODY loves these.  

Find out for yourself – and we know you’ll be back for more!


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