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Nature Play Australia 2002

The Light in the Lantern Stories for Advent

The Light in the Lantern Stories for Advent

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This is a beautiful book written by Georg DreiBig that takes us on a journey in the days leading up to Christmas.
Mary and Joseph’s path to Bethlehem is fraught with difficulties, but as the stories in this book reveal,
a small miracle happens on each day.
The story of each miracle takes us on the journey with Mary and Joseph bringing us a little closer to Christmas, until we finally reach the stable in Bethlehem where the light in the lantern is waiting
in anticipation of the Christ Child’s birth.

There are 7 individual stories each week, for each of the four weeks in this book which can be used as an ‘Advent Calendar making this a very special time to sit down and read a chapter a day to your children.
Why not make it a beautiful family tradition by getting the children (taking turns on different days if there is more than one child) to place an item from each day's story on your nature table so that by the time Mary and Joseph arrive from their journey, a beautiful scene is set in preparation for the arrival of the Christ Child.

Age Group: older children and adults 6+, preschool 3 to 6.

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